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It would be our honor to help you find, maintain, and use the Medicare or health insurance plan that best meets all your needs.

Individual & Business Health

Whether you are self-employed, unemployed, a student seeking your first health insurance policy, or a family, we can assist you with finding the right health insurance plan for your needs. We can lend our expertise to find a health insurance solution to meet your needs.


With all the moving parts associated with Medicare plans, it pays to consult with us — plus, our guidance comes at no-cost to you. So, don't take on the Medicare maze alone, contact Entrust Insurance Services today.

Vision & Dental

Since dental, vision, and hearing are not commonly included in the Medicare Supplement Plan, these vital health areas often go uncovered.
Don't risk your ability to see, hear, or smile confidently by going without coverage. Contact us to learn more.

Senior Couple Counting Budget

Making Medicare Easy

If you have questions about Medicare and want to make sure you are on the right plan, we can help. We specialize in Medicare Plans and can help simplify the process for you. Send us a message and we will reach out.

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